IBM Notes & Domino Development

We can update and modernize your existing Notes client applications. Perhaps you need new functionality or just want to give the application a more modern and attractive look. With our 20+ years of experince in Notes/Domino development we can redesign the applications to be more efficient and work faster.

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Application Modernization

Demand Better Solutions also modernize existing IBM Notes client applications by converting them into modern, state-of-the-art, web applications. The data can stay in IBM Domino, but the user gets a totally new and modern experience, based on libraries and frameworks like jQuery and Bootstrap.

We can also create mobile-friendly applications and even convert them into native Android and iPhone applications, using tools like Adobe PhoneGap.

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IBM Domino Data Migration

Existing IBM Domino data can be moved to LDC Via, a new modern database storage based on MongoDB. Your data will then be accessible through a modernized web application. The new web app can be a second step after a previous application modernization, or both steps can be done at one time, if you so wish.

You can now move off the IBM Domino platform but still enjoy all the benefits of the NoSQL architecture and security you are used to, thanks to the LDC Via database platform.

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Web Application Development

We also build brand new applications from scratch, using the best tools or platforms for each case. For projects where in the past we would have used IBM Domino, we now often recommend LDC Via as the database platform.

However, we also work with many other tools. We try to use the best tool for each project, to guarantee the best result.

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Web Sites

You may have a need for a traditional website rather than an application, perhaps for marketing purposes or to ensure your company has a web presence. That kind of site is normally only occasionally updated and we can create it so that the customer can maintain the content themselves. We are experienced in developing creative and unique websites that give you the best site, whatever the purpose.

One platform we frequently use is WordPress, a very popular platform for content management. This platform makes it easy for our customers to maintain the content themselves, if they want. We can also provide training on the new processes for the users, if needed.

Additionally, we can use a number of other tools to build the site. We can even connect the website to your corporate data. Whether you have an events calendar, press releases, or some other data you want to display; we can connect it all together.

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