• Fosterware

    Medical records system for therapists

  • Password Reset

    Self-service application for Domino Directory

  • Custom CMS

    Custom database driven website

  • Insurance

    Web replacement for existing Notes application

  • Event Calendar

    Calendar with drag-and-drop of events in Domino

  • Native Mobile Application

    Mobile app accessing data in Domino backend

Demand Better Solutions, LLC

Demand Better Solutions was created with a focus on creating modern web applications. This may mean modernizing existing Notes applications, recreating them as modern web applications, creating new applications from scratch either for the Notes client or web browsers, or maybe migrating away from the Notes and Domino platform entirely by moving the data to LDC Via and gaining the benefits of this amazing new technology.

The Demand Better Solutions team has over a century in combined experience in Information Technology and other customer focused professions. They have worked in Healthcare, Energy, Insurance, Banking, Education, Publishing and more. The broad experience gained over the years translates to a unique perspective on how to create customized applications to best suit your company’s one-of-a-kind needs.

Working closely with you, our team will first perform requirements analysis to understand your expectations. Using these quantifiable, relevant and detailed requirements, we can determine the full scope of your project. Once we understand the requirements, our team will use our expertise to determine the most efficient and useful tools to create your new application. Utilizing our experience in project management, business analysis, coding, and more we will put a customized modern application at your fingertips.

Meet the Team

We are a team of dedicated professionals, ready to take your applications to the next level or beyond!

Karl-Henry Martinsson

Karl-Henry Martinsson

CEO & Founder

Karl-Henry lives and breathes computers, code, and design. Since the age of 12 he has been programming for the sheer fun of making the magic happen. It is no surprise that his first job out of high school was with Microsoft, where he was able to utilize his self-taught skills in an environment that appreciated his enthusiasm.

In his 30+ years of programming, he has used many different platforms and languages to achieve the results he wanted. For the past 20 years, Karl-Henry has specialized in using IBM Notes and Domino. He was honored to be named as an IBM Champion in 2014, 2015, and 2016. He has been a speaker at several conferences over the years; and is a recognized and valued member of the Domino programming community.

Karl-Henry also worked as a journalist for five years early in his career where he had the opportunity to report on Information Technology news and happenings.

An avid world traveler, Karl-Henry is always eager to photograph and video his adventures. Whether it is a scuba dive or unusual food items, Karl-Henry is excited to delved into new experiences before relaxing at his keyboard for another intense session of coding.

Christina Hull-Martinsson

Christina Hull-Martinsson

Subject Matter Export & Founder

Christina has a Master’s degree in Education in Counseling, and is professionally licensed to practice in the state of Texas. For the past decade she has worked as a counselor with children in foster care, families in crisis, and school-based mental health.

Christina also specializes in change management, working closely with businesses and nonprofit organizations. She applies her expertise in helping them to identify to use their strengths as a catalyst for change. She also assist those companies in finding and improving problem areas within their business.

In the past, Christina worked in media and journalism, primarily covering international tourism, business, and nonprofit work. She spent several years living overseas while working on sustainable development, grassroots, and startup projects. Consulting for local businesses and nonprofits on marketing, ecotourism, and community based green projects, she instructed the local business owners in streamlining and marketing their businesses by creating websites and implementing computer networks.

Christina loves to travel the world to experience different cultures and environments. She is a talented photographer and takes advantage of her travels to capture her adventures. A voracious researcher, she spends much of her free time seeking out information for herself and friends on a wide number of subjects for fun and business.

Mark Garner

Mark Garner

Graphics Designer & Support Technician

Mark worked in corporate customer service and as a data entry trainer before focusing on Information Technology. These skills carried over well as he spent the next couple of decades supporting customers and end users, primarily in the energy and banking sectors.

Highly experienced with a variety of different operating systems, he is especially adept with Microsoft Windows, and several flavors of UNIX. He also have experience with AS/400 (IBM iSeries) and OS/2.

His skill at supporting end users remotely is greatly appreciated when issues are resolved quickly and without having to arrange for an onsite visit. Mark is also extremely knowledgeable in using and supporting business software such as MS Office and OpenOffice/LibreOffice suites, IBM Notes, the Adobe line of tools as well as AutoCAD and many other software products. He is also experienced in maintaining and supporting VoIP (voice over IP) phone systems.

His strong Photoshop skills are a great asset to the team and he enjoys the opportunity to use his talents creatively.

An aficionado of television and movies, especially the science fiction and comics genres, Mark is known for his quick wit and sense of humor and he frequently includes pop culture references. Like the rest of the team, Mark enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures. He is always happy to discuss his adventures over a glass of good single malt whisky.

Erika Vaughan

Erika Vaughan

Project Manager & Research

Erika is a long time project manager who is grateful that there is a career that utilizes her natural inclination towards efficiency and organization. For nearly 30 years she has brought that mindset to many different Information Technology environments.

While acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree and nearly 30 Information Technology focused certifications along the way, she has continually strived to apply her knowledge of project management methodology and skills in ways that best suit the project at hand.

One of the most enriching parts of her career has been coaching others and helping them to reach higher levels of accomplishments in their own careers. With her focus on helping others to reach their best potential, it is no surprise that she is also a long time teacher. Lately she has focused on teaching the Project Management Professional® (PMP) exam boot camp. As certified PMP® since 2007, she is enthusiastic about helping others to gain this prestigious, and notoriously difficult, certification.

Over the years Erika has created and operated several small businesses.She is also an avid reader, a self-taught artist, and occasional writer. She is happiest when traveling, especially to other countries. When not off on an adventure, she likes to cook and bake. She also enjoys theater, live music, and art exhibits.